Internet Solutions for Business

Hi There! We're side3media and we make super-neato websites and awesome print geniusness.

Website Design


What Makes You Stand Out?

Whether you are just beginning to explore online solutions, or considering taking your existing website to the next generation - we have the solutions to fit your needs.
From all-in-one sites hosted on our platform to custom Wordpress installs and online stores, side3media can help.

Print Ready


Print Is Still An Option.

Even with the advances of internet marketing, print campaigns are still an effective way of reaching your audience. Want to do a direct mail campaign? Business cards? Printed merchandise? We work with you on the creative, then with your commercial print shop to execute.

Next Generation Hosting


Everything in one place

No more adding additional software and trying to make it work together. We give you a content management system, email marketing solution and online shopping, plus contact management and analytic all-in-one.

All With NO Monthly Management Fees or sharing your online store profits. How cool is that?