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Here are some links to some of most popular help resources - hopefully you'll find your answer straight away! If not, feel free to submit the form on the right and we'll get back to you within 8 business hours (i.e within the next business day). We look forward to helping you!

All help documentation

This is a link to all our help documentation, new user tutorials, FAQs, troubleshooting guides and more.

Taking your site live

This tutorial covers how to add your own domain name, set up email and DNS settings - everything you need to take your site live.

Setting up and troubleshooting your email

For help with setting up various email clients, setting up POP email for individual users and troubleshooting email issues, take a look at this guide.

Getting started with the system

This link will help you start using the application. It will take you through a quick overview of the system features and help you with basic tasks.

Editing your "Online Business Builder" site design

If you are using one of the default templates and want to design elements such as color, font, logo and other aspects of your site's appearance, check out this article.

Sending an email campaign

Read this article if you wish to send an email campaign to your customers

Managing your eCommerce orders

Learn about eCommerce orders in the system, how to access and edit your orders.

Managing your customer database

This article covers managing your integrated customer data base

Our training videos

Take a look at our helpful videos that cover most aspects of the application - an easy way to watch and learn!

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